IT Support

Our Support Services

Depending on your needs and the size of your business we have a range of support features for you. All of our packages include unlimited telephone and unlimited email support. We’re dedicated to Small & Medium Business and experts on Microsoft: Office 365, Azure, Windows and Microsoft Office products.

Please remember that we want to fix your computer problems first time!

Our Packages


  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Response Time: 8hrs
  • 12 month minimum term


  • All Lite Features Plus:
  • Remote Support
  • Special Rates
  • Response Time: 4hrs
  • 12 month minimum term


  • All Bronze Features Plus:
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Time Onsite: 4hrs
  • Response Time: 4hrs
  • 12 month minimum term


  • All Silver Features Plus:
  • Time Onsite: 8hrs
  • Response Time: 4hrs
  • 12 month minimum term


  • All Gold Features Plus:
  • Time Onsite: 16hrs
  • Response Time: 4hrs
  • 12 month minimum term
  • 12 month minimum term

A Bit More About Our Services

We’re ready to take your calls and answer your IT questions. We have ample staff to cater for our inward call volumes so you can be sure your call is dealt with quickly and efficiently. We don’t limit the number of calls you can make to us.

All inward support e-mails are logged and tracked using our ticketing system. This makes it easy for you to find out how a problem is progressing and enables any member of our team to assist you. We don’t limit the number of e-mails your can send us.

Whilst we do offer on-site support, our customers really value the fact that within moments, and under the tightest security, our remote IT support experts can ‘get inside your system’ and see the problem for themselves. The engineer can see first hand if the user is doing anything incorrectly, is able to identify software problems and fix them remotely. Speedy, cost effective support delivered electronically.

In much the same way that medics can monitor their patients electronically, we can monitor your servers remotely. Checking everything from disk utilisation to availability, virtual memory, levels of virus protection, backup and even critical events reported in the system logs.

We can do it in real-time, or at regular intervals!

Monitoring means we always ensure your systems are in tip top health. When we identify potential problems, we resolve them there and then, usually before you even notice them.

Our helpdesk engineers are specialists who can install, modify, diagnose, clean, and repair computer network hardware and software both remotely and on site; they do it on a daily basis for our Pay-As-You-Go and contracted business customers across the UK.

Whether it’s a hardware or software question, you can’t receive email or your PC has just stopped, in fact anything to do with your computer network can be solved by our engineers. They listen carefully to your IT problems, asking questions in order to help diagnose the problem, whilst ensuring that you never feel at all patronised.

Whether you want to outsource all of your network support or simply require second-line IT support for existing staff, we can provide the specialist skills and experience to help you. We provide IT support services across the UK.

We make considerable investments in training. Hence our achieving strategic partnerships with Microsoft and other leading vendors. We are professionals.

We have a novel idea – humans, rather than machines, manning the phone. Get straight through to mature, experienced people, without layers of first line and second line support. Our Help Desk professionals can usually resolve your issues, there and then.

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