Barry Goodman: Managing Director

“I am impressed by your reaction time which couldn’t be much quicker and also the fact that you are prepared to work in parts of our system which are not your direct responsibility. One of the main problems I as a laymen encounter all too often is the “buck passing” scenario. One person tells me it is not software and the other tells me it is not hardware. Once they have worn that one thin, they try blaming BT. ‘UK Computing’, deal with the problem and whoever they need to, to get a resolution.”

Sue Lickorish: Proprietor

“Like many independent professionals, I don’t enjoy messing about with my PC – I just want it to do what I want. ‘UK Computing’ have been incredibly helpful to me with my IT needs. I’m impressed with their knowledge and expertise, and their response has been quick and professional. It’s very reassuring to know I have comprehensive technical support at close hand. I’m very happy to recommend them to others.”

Anne Hughes: Proprietor

“As someone who knows little about the mechanics of computers and the related software but is totally reliant on the technology on a daily basis; I have learnt the hard way that having a support system in place is invaluable. ‘UK Computing’ is a pleasure to deal with, every request or question I have is dealt with quickly and easily and I never feel inferior, despite being a technophobe !!. In this age of technology your services is essential to any company – big or small.”

Malcolm Waters: Director

“You work consistently and with determination to ensure that our network is always working and that faults cause the minimum of fuss. Your helpful attitude and ability to work under very tight deadlines makes you highly recommended.”

Dr Gillian Wannan: Director

“Medicalliance Healthcare is one of the UK’s leading corporate healthcare providers and as such relies heavily on computer technology. Our requirements are complex and we demand a high level quality support and maintenance service. ‘UK Computing’ have always provided Medicalliance with the quality of service that we demand, with fast response times and a dedicated commitment to providing solutions, ‘UK Computing’ provide for both immediate and long term requirements to a level that we have not encountered with previous providers. Medicalliance would therefore recommend ‘UK Computing’ to both small and large organisations alike, as their commitment to quality and service is unparalleled.”

Mark Jackson: Operations Manager

“Your commitment, flexibility, response time and knowledge are things other’s should aspire too. The smooth running system we now rely upon daily, is a credit to us and UK Computing”

Linda Tallett: Financial Controller

“Our Systems, require continuity of service and administration to exacting standards, which I am happy to say ‘UK Computing’ provide. In effect they have become our UK IT Team, our Corporate IT in the U.S.A. liaising directly with them, informing of policy changes that require implementation. Building relationships, with key members of the Corporate IT and local members of staff, allow ‘UK Computing’ to have a good insight into our business systems, and thus advise on potential improvements and problem area’s. UK Computing’s commitment to the system and staff of our oganisation add to our user experience, which is a benchmark others should strive to meet. All Organisations large or small can benefit from services such that ‘UK Computing’ provide.”

Nigel Oglesby: Operations Manager

“I am pleased with the service, support and advice received since we changed over our support contract and feel that we now have a better overall support package at a competitive price.”

"Every request or question I have is dealt with quickly and easily. I never feel inferior, despite being a technophobe!"

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